I am not sure what you have planned for this evening, but perhaps you would like to do something different that you have never done before. Maybe it is about time that you started to listen to some outside suggestions apart from the ones which are racing around in your own little head? For instance, have you ever thought about dating Guildford escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/guilford-escorts


My name is Andra, and I have been with the Guilford escorts service for some time now. I love it here, but sometimes I think that I would like to spice up my life a little bit more. It would be so nice if it was a little bit more cayenne pepper than just salty if you know what I mean. Could it be that you are ready for me to make some exciting spice suggestions for your main course tonight? The world of spices is so exciting, and there are more than just salt that you can put on the table….


I love the darker sort of spices which can be that little bit hotter and more exciting at the same time. There are those who say that I can really add some spice to your dish this evening. With my dark hair, long legs and rather exotic manners, I promise you that both your main course and dessert will taste hotter tonight. Like all other Guilford escorts, I really do like to treat my gentlemen callers and dates, to a different taste sensation, and allow them to try something that they have not tried before.


Let me see, what could I treat you to… If this is the first time you have called Guilford escorts, I would like to treat you to a little bit of all spice. The girls at the escort agency in Guilford come from many different countries, so I would like to give you a little taster of what is to come. It could be that one night you may fancy some Indian spice, and another night something much more plain. Don’t worry, we have everything that you need when it comes to enjoying flavors from many parts of the world.


So, how do you order a take away from Guilford escorts? Well, let me tell you that it is much more exciting than ordering a treat from your local chippie down the road. Instead of a standard menu, we have exciting pictures of our dishes which are available from the escort agency. You also get the chance to read about our dishes. Should you take that opportunity? I think that you should, because many of our girls like to add their own special spice blend to their dishes. Once you have decided which dish you would like to have delivered to you this evening, just call us like you would call your local take-way, and before you know it, you dish will be waiting outside your door. No, I will not be arriving on a scooter. Come on, what girl in her right mind arrives on a scooter wearing the kind of gear that I am wearing for you tonight.

Can I make a suggestion?
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