I had only been working for Wembley escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/wembley-escorts for about two years when I was offered another job. A lot of girls in London are tempted away from the escort service by the promise of fake contracts, so I was very concerned about giving up escorting with Wembley escorts. However, this was a bit of a chance so I decided that I would take some time off from Wembley escorts and check things out.


What was this all about? Well, one of the gents I had been dating at the escort agency in Wembley was this really cheerful Australian guy. He used to come to London and work as a photographer and end up a bit lonely. When he felt that he did not want to spend time in London on his own anymore, he used to give me a call at the escort agency and we used to go out on a couple of dates during his stay in London. He was great to be with and I felt that he was one of the more honest people that I had met in life.


Peter wanted me to come to Australia with him and work as a bikini model. I was not sure. So many of the girls at Wembley escorts had fallen for similar sort of thing. I wanted to do it, but I was not prepared to give it all up just for him. Peter said that he liked my sensible side and it was one of the reasons he wanted me to come to Australia. According to him girls with their heads in the clouds did not make a success out of themselves in Australia. That sounded like a genuine statement to me.


A couple of weeks after we had our final chat on a Wembley escorts date and I told that I would be coming out to Australia on a holiday. I was really keen to check out what was on offer but I wanted to make sure that it was alright for me. One of the problems related to visa requirements but Peter said that he would sponsor me. That was one of the hurdles that I needed to cross, but I was glad that I could do it with Peter’s help. Actually I was starting to really appreciate my man from down under.


I did spend a lot of time checking things out in Australia before I signed on the dotted line. Yes, I had decided to take the big step and leave Wembley escorts and become a bikini model in Australia. Peter was totally delighted to welcome me to Australia. I must admit that I thought about him on the way home to London, we had become really closed. My place in London was going to be rented out, and Peter had arranged a place for me to live in a Sydney suburb. It was a really cute place, and before I knew it, I was back in Australia getting ready for my first bikini shoot. I had fallen in love with the country and the people, and I had this feeling that I could have a really great future in Australia.

Can escorts in London make it big in other industries?
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