The last time I tried to have sex in a car, I ended up with a case of really bad back pain. Since then, I have not tried having sex in a car again. My friends at London escorts initially laughed at me when I explained about the events in the car. But, when they realised how much in pain I was, they stopped laughing. I even had to take two weeks off from London escorts to get better.

By then it had really stopped being funny. Can you have great sex in a car? Well, if you just want to give some bloke a blow job it would be okay. However, you should not do what one of friends at London escorts did. She was giving a guy a blow job as he was driving, and ended up being spotted when the car came to a stop at a set of traffic lights. Fortunately they did not get arrested for lewd behaviour, but the guy in the Range Rover next to them, did end up taking a photo and putting it on the Internet. That made us girls at London escorts laugh for a while. What about having sex in the back seat?

That is a good idea if you have a big car and not such long legs. I date this guy at London escorts who has told me all about his sexual back seat adventures as he likes to call them. He is the only guy I have met at London escorts who seem to have a real thing about having sex in cars. None of the other guys that I date at our London escorts service seem to have a thing about back seat sex. How about on the bonnet? I think that it would be best to stop the car, and have sex on the bonnet of the car. Bring a blanket and that would be rather a comfortable position to be in. One of the girls at our charlotte London escorts service has a real thing about bonnet sex as as she likes to call it. I think that she has a bit of bucket list of places in London where she would like to have car bonnet sex.

We all have our fantasies and I guess that is a good thing. Would I like to have sex in a car? So many guys like to christen their cars as they, but I am not sure that I am the right girl for the job. Since my accident I have been extremely concerned about car sex. Having to tell the doctor that I was having sex in the car was one of the most embarrassing things that I have ever had to do. It is also one of those stories that keeps floating around London escorts. I guess I should not be concerned about it really. We have lots of funny sex stories floating around our London escorts. It is amazing how many sticky spots you can get yourself into when you work for an escort service in London.

Would You have sex in a car?
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