There are different places in the house where you can have sex and still enjoy maximum pleasure. One of the most common spots most couples love to explore their sexual endeavors is the sofa. The sofa can be as comfortable as the bed. However, there are several sex positions best suited for the sofa. Here is a look at some of them.

The woman on top

The first position is allowing the woman to sit on the man. This is a common position but adding some techniques to it will make it a totally different style. This is how you add flavor to it:

Let the man’s feet touch the floor. The woman will obviously sit on the man facing him. The woman in this case should take the lead to show who’s the boss. The woman can then lay back on his legs and support herself on her arms to keep herself balanced. Open and close your thighs as you set the rhythm yourself.

This woman on top position is good because it keeps the woman in control and she determines how long things should last and the rhythm of it all. This position also offers the woman to the man and gives him a very hot view of her entire body in action and this is what keeps the man hard.

This is good position a woman should try when she is not feeling at her best. Men react to visual stimuli and in this position, all those small details you feel are your shortcomings as a woman will no longer be there. your body will be as good as that of a goddess, with a perfectly stretched flat belly, round breasts pointing upwards and thighs as toned as an athlete’s. This position also allows teasing touches. If he’s well wedged into the backrest, he can hold your legs with one hand and caress your clitoris with the other.

Man on top

The couch may not have enough space to practice a number of positions but this doesn’t mean that sex on the couch has to be boring. You can try the kinkier cuddle. The position starts with an innocent spooning position but offers a better opportunity for touches and teases.

The man can run his hands along his partner’s front and use his lips for light kisses ad nibbles along her neck until the woman can no longer take the tension and grind. The key to this position is slowing the rhythm.

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The Best Sofa Sex Positions

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